FreeNX - suspend & resume problem

volvoguy volvoguy at
Fri Jul 15 17:34:30 UTC 2005

On 7/15/05, MemoryDump <ulist at> wrote:
> using FreeNX is it possible to connect to an already logged on X
> session? Similiar to the way Remote Desktop works in WinXP. That way I
> can login locally when I'm at home and then resume my session remotly
> from work using FreeNX.

That definitely didn't happen the first time I fired everything up. I
had an XFCE session going on the server machine and the client opened
a new Gnome session when I connected. That said though, I decided to
apply a few other updates on the machine and rebooted, and I just
didn't log onto the machine locally and have just been using the
Windows NoMachine client to access the server and it's been working

As you may have noticed in a previous email, I'm even planning on
swallowing my pride tonight and going to a local Ubuntu hackfest with
my Apple OS X powered laptop and hope to connect back to my same
session back home on my Ubuntu machine.

Man, if it works, and I'm able to use the desktop remotely on my Mac,
I will be thrilled. Working with Ubuntu at the coffeeshop without
having to install it on my current tiny hard drive. :o)

So back to your question - I don't think you'll be able to connect to
an existing X session the first time you get all the freenx stuff
installed - but if you close out that session and start a new one via
the freenx stuff, you'll be able to suspend and reconnect to that
session as often as necessary. (YMMV, I seem to be the only one having
good luck with that at the moment.)


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