File System ???

Matt Patterson matt at
Thu Jul 14 14:31:51 UTC 2005

I have had this problem before, but with a windows box, and it would 
occur on a proper shutdown as well as an unplanned poweroff. It was 
caused by a pair of new 160 GB maxtor drives I installed. I tracked it 
down to the fact that the disks were not completing their cache flushes 
before system poweroff. Some drives lie about whether or not they have 
flushed things. On a windows box this is a horrible killer because the 
last thing written is the system registry hive (stupid design in my 
opinion). After 3 crashes, I went back to my old 80G maxtors, slapped 
the 160's in a different computer, and have never had a problem since. I 
have since swapped everything to ubuntu, but havent tried the 160's in 
my main machine again. I am willing to bet they would experience the 
same problem.

As for everything else, sudden poweroffs should be no problem with a 
journaling file system like ext3, that is the whole point afterall. I 
would use that drive somewhere else and call it a day. It could simply 
be a bad drive too. I would never trust it with my backups.


Mustafa Abbasi wrote:

> i use reiserfs on my secondary drives and i have found its quite reliable.
> On 7/12/05, *Hugh Crissman* <hcrissman at 
> <mailto:hcrissman at>> wrote:
>     I need a file system recomendation. I have a 2nd hard drive in a
>     system that contains quite a few large files
>     (moveies,iso,etc.). It was an ext3 but I lost this drive to
>     corruption for the second time today due to a power outage. I need
>     a stable filesystem that I can export via NFS to other users on my
>     network.
>     Thanks,
>     Hugh Crissman
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