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This one time, in band camp, Todd Deshane said:

>> I've run into a bunch of things that don't work with esd on... tuxracer,
>> pingus, and several of the other games included in the repos... It would
>> be really nice to see Linux get to the point where you don't have to
>> kill certain processes in order to get other things running. It's this
>> type of thing that scares newbies away.
>Agreed. I am not a newbie, but still find it annoying when I can't
>listen to music AND have system sounds working out of the box.
>Hopefully things will be better in breezy, I expect they will. I have
>been using it for a couple weeks and it is coming along nicely.

You might look at using esddsp.  It forces applications that aren't aware of
esd to use it instead of trying to access /dev/dsp themselves.  I have a
unique mail setup for example, where when new (and interesting) email
arrives, procmail sends off the sender and topic of the email to festival (a
text-to-speech program).  Festival has no idea what esd is, so without
esddsp it does nothing, actually it freezes, especially if I'm playing a mp3
or something.

You can see an example of how I do this by looking at: and

To install esddsp, do a:

sudo apt-get install esound-clients

Now fire up your badly behaving application like so:

esddsp tuxracer

You should now have sound without problems.

Yes, it's a little messy - but it works until all sound apps become esd

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