File System ???

Hugh Crissman hcrissman at
Wed Jul 13 22:18:46 UTC 2005

* Robbo <ml at> [2005-07-13 19:34:45]:

> Most UPS's use a serial cable to the PC to tell the PC whats going on,
> all thats needed software wise is the package upsd or apcupsd (if UPS
> from APC).
> If you have more than 1 PC connected to the UPS, the software can
> shutdown other PC's as well even though it's not directly connected to
> the UPS via serial cable.

Yea, unfortunately my UPS is an older Belkin and it uses the USB port.
Do you think upsd will work with this? Maybe it would be worth investing
in new UPS? They just seem so expensive, in general. 

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