Howto Improve Performance?

Rainer Gutkas Rainer.Gutkas at
Wed Jul 13 21:51:22 UTC 2005

y so far experiences are like this:
> Xcfewm: Is a nice Windowmanager, but a ugly buggy thing. So
> currently I'm running it, because it gives a little performance
> plus.

First of all thanks for the tip with ogle. This is really a good peace of software. So DVD didn't get perfect through it's usage under ICEWM, but ist got watchable. So from what I know from debian-ppc list this is a good performance for a 400 Mhz pismo. 

Then to my further experiences. Comparance between Totem and VLC, used to view the same Divx - video showed that VLC only uses of half the CPU time, whle Totem consumes the CPU totally. So I don't need Totem anymore. Is there a safe way to deinstall it, without loosing updates,... Because when you deinstall Totem you also gotta Deinstall Ubuntu Desktop. 




>> ICEWM: Wow this WM really gives a performance boost.


>Take a look at the news from Sunday, 29 May 2005, "E17 is being
>optimised" at

>I think it's quite interesting and somewhere unexpected.

>> But it nearly allows DVD playback without missed frames. But only
>> nearly.

>Try playing back DVD with Ogle. And check DVD drive dma settings.
>Possibly xine-check script from xine-ui package also could give you a

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