Class for new Ubuntu users in Boston area?

Sean Sieger sean.sieger at
Tue Jul 12 19:06:30 UTC 2005

Stephen R Laniel <steve at> writes:

> I've thought for a while that some members of the Boston
> Linux community and I should teach classes for new Linux
> users. Rather than pointing them at FAQs, we should sit them
> down in front of their computers (or ours) and answer their
> questions. Give them a few months to think of things about
> Linux that confuse them, then bring their confusions to use
> and have us resolve them in person. Mailing lists like this
> one are great, and they helped me a lot as I was learning
> Linux. But having someone help me in person (my friend Adam
> was my guru) really sealed the deal.
> So: is there anyone out there who's
> 1) within range of Boston, Massachusetts, US who
> 2) would like to take a (probably free, but maybe a nominal
>    fee for materials) class on Linux For Newbies?
> We'd probably schedule it for three months from now or so.
> But this is all very tentative: this is the first time I've
> really committed to running such a class.
> I'm a very good teacher. :-) I think I'm good for newbies,
> too.
> If you're interested, post your name and your email here:
> And feel free to pass this link along to anyone else who you
> think may be interested.

HELP WANTED: Need  GNU/Linux Guru in NYC

It's been and entire working day since Steve posted this offer! It seems
like there ought to be two-hundred posts today, not one-hundred, one-
hundred of them being acceptances to Steve's offer. I'll take a train,
Sean Sieger

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