Mounting partitions, bizare question...

Ante Karamatic ivoks at
Tue Jul 12 13:02:35 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-07-12 at 08:28 -0400, Larry Grover wrote:

> Your argument is not relevant to Vince's original question:

I wasn't replying Vince. I offered souliton to Vince in my first post on
this subject.

> grover at sleek:~$ cat /etc/passwd | wc -l

wc -l /etc/passwd would be faster and easier ;)

> Many of these "users" don't even have a login shell:

Of course they don't. So, your point is? That users don't exist?

> (3) Vince is root on his own system, he can administer it however he
> wants.

Sure he can. My point was that despite Linux being very flexibile
operating system, it was designed for more than one user. I have few
ideas how he can accomplish what he wants (two solutions I allready
suggested). Problem is that he wants GUI way.

> (4) Click the "Add" button under the lower left pane.  You should see 
> a new directory listed in the left pane.  It should also show up under 
> "Places" in the Nautilus menus.

D'n'D would work too.

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