Mounting partitions, bizare question...

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Tue Jul 12 02:41:45 UTC 2005

> Not that I'm aware of.  What I do instead is create a symlink.  It
> should do what you want.  For example, try:
> ln -s /mnt/hda5/vincent/ /home/vincent/hoary-home
> Jewel

Thanks guys, sorry for the stupid question (I did warn that it was
'bizarre', though ! ;o).

Being the only user of my home computer, like many single people I
guess, it's sometimes not so obvious to think in terms of "multi user",
when the grand total of all users and administrators amount to one
unique person, me ! ;o)

It would be much more natural/obvious, if there were a server in a
locked and small air-conditioned cabinet, serving half a dozen users,
each with their own personal machine, spread all over a large house or


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