fuzzy display

Søren Hauberg soren at hauberg.org
Mon Jul 11 14:08:58 UTC 2005

Eric S. Johansson wrote:
  > on TFT displays, fuzziness usually is a result of displaying a
> resolution that is not native to the display.  For example, if your 
> displays native resolution is 1600 by 1050 and you send it 1280 by 768 
> video, it will be fuzzy because the display circuitry interpolates what 
> is given to the native resolution of the display.
I'm running 1280x1024, which is a supported resolution.

> RTFM, determine the native resolution of the display and adjust your 
> video accordingly.
The manual 
says the following:
Horiz. Rate (Analog):   30-81
Vertical Rate:          56-75
Native Resolution:      1280x1024

which I've entered during 'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg', but it 
doesn't help. Is that what you meant?

> ---eric

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