Backup utility in linux

Arjan Geven arjangeven at
Mon Jul 11 09:44:42 UTC 2005

> [ ] Program Settings (2 MB)    [i.e. ~/.*]
> [ ] Home Files (2 GB)

Jewel, this sounds like a good idea, especially complemented by the
Simple vs Advanced Modes that Ante proposed where -all- folders have
such a checkmark-option.

> Long term objective would be to work with Bacula. But this will not be
> done even untill breezy+1. If I get good program untill end of August,
> I'll publish it and you could all work on it. Who knows, maybe I merge
> it with SimpleBackupSolution on wiki.

Bacula, isn't that a complete backup solution for small and medium
businesses? Using this for home-backups is a bit like using OpenOffice
to edit a config file. It works, but we'll probably never use even 1%
of its power. Anyhow, it's a very noble objective!

> I'm developing this program just to learn some PyGTK bindings and
> solutions for problems. I promisse, I'll deveote it every day at least
> 2-3 hours, while sitting on the balcony, smoking some cigaret and
> watching Dubrovnik ( ;)

Ugh. Me wants beach too. Me works. Me unlucky.

PS: As a sidenote, this whole discussion also brings me to a
'synchronisation'-tool. A tool that can sync my laptops home-folder
with my Desktop home-folder. This woul probably be something similar
to a backup tool, except that it'd have to work in both directions.
Does something like that exists?

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