Ed Cogburn edcogburn at
Sun Jul 10 23:31:45 UTC 2005

Douglas Alves wrote:

> I recently installed GNU Pascal from Synaptic, and then downloaded RHIDE
> dev-environment, which installed OK and I was able to use to create some
> Pascal programs.
> Today I invoked rhide from the Terminal as usual, but it immediately
> exits with the message: Segmentation fault.
> What has happened?

Some code in your app is trying to access memory it doesn't have permission
to access.  This can happen for many reasons, its not necessarily a bug in
rhide, the segfault could be triggered by some library that rhide is
calling, or perhaps something else is borked in your system that's
resulting in rhide being passed bogus information from the operating

> How can I fix it?
> What should I watch out for, to prevent it from happening again?

Hoary or Breezy?

Any system changes/updates since the last time you ran rhide?

Try using strace or ltrace with the -S option to trace what the program is
doing and find out what system call its issuing that causes the segfault. 
This might give you a clue, or at least its something you can provide with
a bug report.

Segfaults are the worst kind of problem on Linux since the error rarely
actually helps you figure out the problem.  I'm on Breezy and have several
KDE apps segfaulting without any meaningful clue as to what the problem is. 

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