gnomebaker audio CD copy verrrrry slow

ZIYAD A. M. AL-BATLY zamb at
Sun Jul 10 22:10:53 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-07-09 at 19:12 -0400, Ben Novack wrote:
> Never mind that; I didn't realize that the progress bar was for the
> entire process, not just extracting the audio files. Of course, now
> it's getting buffer underruns at the burning stage, which is
> generating a mess of coasters...
> ---Ben
Having a lot of under-runs is a good indication of DMA not working.
Re-check that DMA is turned on for that device "sudo hdparm /dev/cdrw".

Also, if your CD-ROM Recorder support some means of Buffer Under-runs
(like Burn-Free, Power-Burn, Burn-Proof or whatever it's named on your
device), make sure it's turned on!  I don't know "gnomebaker" so I can't
help you there, but for "cdrecord" edit "/etc/default/cdrecord" and make
sure that it has a "burnfree" in the line that correspond to your
device.  For Nautilus run:
        gconftool-2 --set --type boolean /apps/nautilus-cd-burner/burnproof true

Hope this helps.

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