BAD BLOCKS please help

ari.torhamo at ari.torhamo at
Sun Jul 10 18:14:36 UTC 2005

> > In my experience too when you start to get bad blocks they don't stop 
> > coming. Little by little they spread out wider on the disk. If you have 
> > critical data on your disk, you would certainly risk losing it.
> > 
> All hard drives have bad blocks, just that the low-level formatting
> hides them from the OS. 

That´s an other matter. After hiding the manufacturing defects with 
low level formatting no new bad blocks should appear. It´s normal 
to use a hard drive for years without getting a single new bad block. 
When you get some, it may be an isolated case or it may be the start of 
the deteriation of the drive. Because of this, when you find bad blocks, 
it´s wise to regularly test your drive for example with the 
manufacturer´s test program.


Ari Torhamo

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