Backup utility in linux

Norman Silverstone norman at
Sun Jul 10 11:55:56 UTC 2005

> >>>>Those of us new to Linux want to be able to hit the ground running.
> >>>>Finnessing the system can come later, but the learning curve is too
> >>>>much to try to do everything by CLI at first.


> So, to tell someone to learn how to use the shell in order to backup 
> will get you a single digit response (two digit V for non Americans) as 
> you watch that person go back to the computer store and get something 
> they can use.


> you can have a good user interface using any presentation tool from 
> command line to gnome.  It's just easier with graphical presentation 
> than it is the command line.

When I ran Windows I used a piece of software, that I bought, called
BackupMyPC (I think). It was excellent, easy to set up, selective in use
enabling data to be backed up separately from the rest and reliable. In
my opinion, something like this would be of value to Ubuntu users who
are not into Linux, even if it had to be bought. 


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