Backup utility in linux

C.B. ulist at
Sun Jul 10 02:37:30 UTC 2005

Sam Hiser Wrote: 
> C.B. wrote:

> > Is there really no easy-to-use, non-enterprise-grade GUI back-up
> utility

> > for Ubuntu?


> 3rd-party backup tools have typically been viewed from a Unix context

> with mild derision.  . . . I know it's the command line, but once you
> wade in, you'll see that it's not so unfriendly -- and backup is a
> great way to get started.


> -Sam Hiser


Appreciate the encouragement. I am coming to the conclusion that some
command line is useful, and I'm starting to learn. But there seems to
be alot of variables to consider in backing up a system; from a newB
p.o.v. it's alot to bite into at first and all at once. I still think
there's a place for a good GUI and perhaps esp. in this area so I'll
continue to search (am looking into storebackup, backup2l & ibackup as
they are in the Ubuntu rep.) 

Those of us new to Linux want to be able to hit the ground running.
Finnessing the system can come later, but the learning curve is too
much to try to do everything by CLI at first.



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