Wireless Networks Abound!

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 17:45:54 UTC 2005

Unless you live in an appartment building (which it doesn't sound like
you do ;-) the solution is pretty easy -- just knock on your
neighbour's door(s) and ask them if they have a wireless network set
up. Wireless doesn't travel more than one or two houses in a dense
residential neighbourhood so it's pretty easy to figure out who's
doing what.

PS The most secure setup would be to enable encryption, use MAC
address control *and* prevent your base station from broadcasting its
ESSID (I'm pretty lazy and only use MAC address control ;-) (probably
should add encryption soon since a neighbour recently set up a network
which is 100% open... I was getting really annoyed with my server b/c
I couldn't telnet to it via 192.x.x.x *but* I could ping its URL and I
could pull up the web server... after a minute of frustration trying
to login to my base station (and having my password rejected) a light
bulb went on and I figured out I wasn't on my own LAN when I saw DI
624... and I have a Netgear 614 ;-).


On 7/8/05, David M. Carney <carney1979 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > It's good practice to change
> > your ssid to so it's (e.g.) myap rather than default or linksys,
> > whatever. It will make it easier to connect to the correct AP.
> Thanks! That worked! My neighbor with another wireless network obviously has
> left his broadcasting "lynksys". If I ever find out who they are, I will
> suggest they use some form of security because right now they are wide open.
> Again, thanks!
> David
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