Problem with graphic card @ ubuntu 64

Markus Weissbacher weissbacher at
Sat Jul 9 03:13:10 UTC 2005

I have a Notebook with a radeon mobility x700 and have problems to get a 
good graphic driver. I got a tip from a guy from a forum, so I searched the 
ubuntu wiki for fglrx, that driver should do it, its written, that it 
supports all ati cards above 9500. It failed, I tried all options from the 
page that could make it not work. I looked at /var/log/xorg.error.log or so 
there was a error line with no device found. In this log was a list of 
supportet cards, I found several x700, but also x800 mobile. So I searched 
for a X700 MOBILITY, cat xorg.error.log | grep X700 | grep MOBILITY gave a 
line, but with a x700 and a rage mobility or so.

I have no idea what I should do about this and I would be happy for each 

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