GRUB Reinstall (Separate issue from recent issue with same subject)

Eddie Brunson ebrunson at
Thu Jul 7 12:42:11 UTC 2005

As I recall:
fubar - f__ked up beyond all recognition


Matthew S-H wrote:

> I recently fubared my system.  (by the way, "fubar" is a word that 
> means /seriously f---ed up/. -- different from the common foo-bar).
> I have 2 harddrives:
> 40GB Maxtor
> 120GB Western Digital
> The 120GB drive contains 2 partitions and some unallocated space.  
> Both partitions are used by Windows (one for system, the other for data).
> The 80GB drive contains:
>     1 extended partition with a number of partitions dedicated to 
> linux ane some unallocated space at the end
>     1 primary partition with some old backups of some files on my laptop
>     A fair amount of unallocated space.
> Anyway, I was stuck using Windows for a few days (only like 4).
> /[RANT]/
> /I didn't have the charger for my laptop (which runs MacOS X 10.4.1) 
> and I needed to run some proprietary software that is Mac/Win only.  
> So, I booted into the XP partition I hadn't touched in about a year 
> since I started using Ubuntu./
> /BIG NIGHTMARE!!  Everything needed to be updated, the thing got a 
> virus within minutes of signing online, it was slow as h---, and it 
> seemed to have an odd problem with memory that it never had before./
> /[/RANT]/
> Anyway, a little bit of thinking gave me the bold idea to create a 
> separate partition on my 120GB hard drive that was dedicated for a 
> Windows paging file.
> I thus created a new partition at the end of the 120GB hard drive and 
> let Windows create a paging file there.  I then rebooted because 
> Windows told me to.  A minute and a half later (Windows took a while), 
> I was staring at the 9 words:
> GRUB Loading stage1.5.
> GRUB loading, please wait...
> Error 15
> Anyway, after that long story, anyone know what I can do to fix it?
> I have most of the directories on my Ubuntu system on their own partition.
> Here are the 3 that are probably most relevant:
> hdb5     /
> hdb6     /boot
> hdb10    /home
> Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Either a walkthrough 
> or a link to one would be nice.
> ~Matt

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