Wireless SMC 2835W v3

Carlos Mantero mantero at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 08:07:15 UTC 2005

Hi guys!

I have a SMC 2835W wireless card. This card run correctly in the version
1 and 2 with PrismGT driver, but I have the version 3 that supposedly
run properly with ndiswrapper :S. I installed the ndiswrapper-utils in a
Ubuntu Hoary 5.04 recently installed. All works fine and in the
Propieties of the connection of wlan0 I can see thah I have 100% signal
of the wireless AP, but below the name of connection of this windows I
can see "State: Inactive".

In addition, with the "iwconfig" command I tried to insert the essid
name (iwconfig wlan0 essid mywirelessessid) but the command don't
introduce the essid to the config.

I don't know that do more. If you need more information, ask me it.

Carlos Mantero.
Carlos Mantero <mantero at gmail.com>
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