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Thu Jul 7 07:25:08 UTC 2005

On Thu, Jul 07, 2005 at 08:29:52AM +0200, Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
>> Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
>> > --
>> > Vince, not very impressed with Malone, and still don't know how the hell
>> > to attach his bloody screenshot...
>> > 
>> Come on buddy, I've seen you on this list since Ubuntu first reared it's 
>> head, surely you've reported these deficiencies to the upstream developers?
>Well, I doubt I can influence such a huge project.
>Also, I don't see anyway to file bugs on Malone itself.
>In Bugzilla it's straight forward, every time you file a new bug you
>have to select what the bug is about  : Ubuntu or Bugzilla itself.
>But in Malone, you have to specify the distro first, then only the
>package name. Since Malone is not part of Ubuntu as such, well, it's not
>in the list... can't file bugs/wish-lists...

You can use this page:

Click on "File a bug". It's not that easy to find the page, Malone is a
_product_ so filing a bug on products is the first step. Then it seems
the searching is broken, so it's better to search for the exact package
using your browsers built-in search.

>Also, being able to easily upload attachement is such an obvious
>feature, that if it's not implemented, there must be a good reason,
>either it's hard to do , or they don't want to do it. Either way,
>airing my request is unlikely to get things moving. 
>So I am rather pessimistic, sadly :-/

Oh, come one. This is a make-or-break feature for you, and I think quite
a few others. If they have a reason for not including it it must be a
damn good one, because they will lose bug reporters if it's not there.

File it, please!

A small note on my impressions of Malone so far. It seems to be a rather
confused part of Launchpad. As I've understood the goal of Launchpad
it's to become somewhat of a meta tool, an umbrella where
distro-specific tools can be accessed. As such I was expecting Malone to
be a meta-bugtracker, not a bugtracker in itself. What I was expecting
was a workflow along these lines (somewhat simplified):

 1. I report bug in Malone on a Universe package
 2. Malone reports the bug in Debian's bug tool
 3. Bug is fixed/rejected by Debian developer
 4. Debian's tool tells Malone about the fix/rejection
 5. I'm told by Malone

The interfacing between Malone and Debian's bug tool is implemented as
a module, and after a while every bug tool under the sun has a Malone
module and one can then file bugs on every distro under the sun. That'd
be a cool tool indeed.

Instead the flow for me has been the following:

 1. I report a bug in Malone on a Universe packge
 2. I contact the Debian packager asking if he heard anything from
    Malone, he says no and asks me to report the bug in Debian's bug
 3. I report the bug in Debian's bug tool
 4. Debian's bug tool reports the bug closed
 5. I have no means of closing the bug in Malone

This was the flow for Malone bug 1109 (Debian bug 316043).

If Malone isn't a meta-bugtracker I don't see what it could contribute
beyond what bugzilla does...


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