OK, before I install, a couple of newb questions?

Beats Walkin totallynoway at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 6 18:24:43 UTC 2005

i better just wrap up everybody's comments in one
email or i'll flood the group.

thanks everyone for your great input.

Steven: yes, i was referring to web development.
WYSIWYG editors have no interest for me, we're 100%
hand written XHTML 1.0 strict. i have yet to see a
WYSIWYG that writes valid code. come to think of it,
if W3C didn't release new specs every now and then
we'd be out of work.

Vincent: maybe we can help you work on your screening
skills (for rommance). although i can relate to some
extent, as i'm getting older i don't need a woman on
my arm everyplace i go and being single can be oh so
refreshingly simple. i fear we may have branded
ourselves as jaded old guys though;)

Thomas: excellent, just what i wanted to hear. see you
in K-town.

David: i'm a little rusty on command line but it will
come back. no, i don't do Perl, in fact i'm just a
project manager. a mostly hands-off project manager.

Ari: agreed but i think the Vince-bashing was all in
good fun.

Troy: thanks for the confirmation. see you in K-town.

thanks again for your help everyone. since everyone is
so nice i'm going to drop my Beats/Totally persona and
come back as dataSpheric. my name is trevor j osgood
and it's great to meet you all.

--- Beats Walkin <totallynoway at yahoo.com> wrote:

> > Not much out there.. maybe http://www.nvu.com/ or
> > http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/
> I'm hearing that KDE runs on Ubuntu so maybe the
> KBear
> extended replace works on this disrto.
> > or you could spend a bit of money 
> > and get crossover
> > office to make
> > dreamweaver 
> > (and probably Homesite) to work.
> >  
> > NFI what LAMP is..
> > Is it this:
> > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAMP
> > ???
> yup, that's it. the best dev platform in the
> universe.
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