Is Ubuntu safe to try

Tony tony.kruse at
Wed Jul 6 02:04:04 UTC 2005

After having used Red Hat / Fedora Core distros for a couple of years,
I switched to Ubuntu about a year ago, because Ubuntu works better as
a desktop and does not give me all the dependency hell I got with
Fedora every time I wanted to install something. I have found it
easier to work with than Fedora Core.

Try it!  If you are interested in trying something different, and in
my opinion better... I think you will like it!


On 7/5/05, Jim Cupit <jimc349 at> wrote:
> Alright, you all are scaring me.  I know a little
> about Linux(Fedora 1), so I thought I'd try a
> different version (Ubuntu).  After reading the users
> list for a while, it seems like it is a continuous
> wrestling match to get Ubuntu to do what you want it
> to.  Is it safe for a relative newbie to try????? Or
> is it going to be too much frustration?
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