Gnome menu's idiosyncrazy....

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Wed Jul 6 00:06:33 UTC 2005

> I was able to reproduce both in Hoary.

Ah, great, so both bugs are definitely not a product of my warped
imagination, they do exist ! Bugzilla shall soon make their existence
official ! :-)
I don't feel like writing another 2 page bug report though, my wrist
hurts ;-) maybe I will just copy/paste...

> BTW, thanks, Vince, for a beautifully worded and clear post. Poetry
> meets content! Ever think of being a writer?

Ohhh, that's very kind of you ! :o)  
It's the very first time that people compliment me on this subject,
usually they rather complain that I talk way too much ! ;o)

Writer ? Huuu, well, I studied electronic engineering... I could write
technical books maybe, but it's not very romantic ! ;o)
That said, out of all my books on the subject, I do have a couple that
are very special, they are more love poems to electronics than technical
books, they really make you feel how engineering is best practiced when
thought of as an art, requiring sensitivity, imagination, emotion,
passion, rather than when thought of in terms of "problem, input,
output, data, processing, numbers"...
Sadly schools format students to be like computers, instead of sensitive

Anyway, superb books these two. Sadly the authors are probably dead by
now. Why is it the best books, that really get you thinking, that stir
your soul, are almost always written by grand dads ?
Maybe it does indeed take decades to gather and assimilate enough
experience and wisdom, to start seeing the true essence of things in
Anyway, I thank the authors for taking the time to share their wisdom in
their book...

Now I think of it, these two books are actually translated from american
to French, so maybe the poetry in them is due to the translator more
than the author... I will never know, I am now way too afraid to read
the original version, in case it happens that the original text is not
as inspiring as the translation !! :-/ :o(

Vince, still can't believe he digressed so much again, he is just plain
hopeless... once started, it only stops when running out of fuel ! ;-)

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