Getting grip and lame to work

John Greene bootson at
Tue Jul 5 15:31:32 UTC 2005

What command line options are you using?

To get the best mp3s with id3v1 (most compatible) tags, use this command

--preset standard --id3v1-only --tt %n --ta %a --tl %d --ty %y --tn %t
--tg %G %w %m

On Tue, 2005-07-05 at 10:20 -0400, John Jason Jordan wrote:
> In the Config > Encode > Encoder tag it put "lame" after I selected lame
> as the encoder. I kept getting the same error message. Finally I noticed
> above the box that it said "full path." I searched for it and found it
> in /usr/bin/. As soon as I entered /usr/bin/lame in the box it started
> working.
> Unfortunately there is something wrong with the mp3s it ripped. Only
> the first couple bars play, then the player disappears from the desktop
> or crashes.
> -- 
> John Jason Jordan

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