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Ed Fletcher ed at fletcher.ca
Tue Jul 5 14:09:00 UTC 2005

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gotmonkey wrote:
| I am fine with running wifi-radar after I log into gnome. When I boot,
| I get held up at network interfaces. Is there a way to speed this up?
| The question is: Is there a way to start the hardware initializing
| without it trying to start a network connection? Since I am most likely
| going to be using wifi-radar to connect to my various WAPs manually.
| I rarely plug my laptop into a hard line network, I would like the
| option to, but don't need it trying to find connection at boot.

I usually press Ctl-C just because I'm impatient.  It makes the computer
skip that slow search for network interfaces.

However, sometimes the computer will end up with no 'lo' in 'ifconfig'.
~ So I run 'sudo ifup lo' to get it back.  It's needed by so many
programs that you don't want to run without it.

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