FreeMind - Removing Java

toyfactory toyfactory at
Tue Jul 5 05:42:25 UTC 2005

toyfactory wrote:
> I tried to install the .deb but it complained about Java dependencies (I
> have a later version of Java which I installed myself).  I'm now using
> the generic binary which seems to work OK, however when I use the menus
> the currently selected menu item disappears.  Let me try to explain:
> Imagine normally in Ubuntu when you select a menu item the text changes
> from black to white with a brown box highlighting it.  What seems to be
> happening in FreeMind is the text changes from black to white but no box
> shows up to highlight it, i.e. I guess I'm getting white text on a white
> background.
> Anyone know how I can fix this?  It's not a big deal, it just looks a
> bit shoddy.

On my laptop, after installing the Java environment from Hoary-extras I
was able to install the FreemMind .deb package perfectly.  It runs fine
without the menus going funny.

I'll try the same on my desktop but first I have to work out how to
remove the Java environment I installed using the download from  Does it all live in a clearly identified directory or will
the install program have scattered files all over the computer?


Nick (seems to be talking to himself)

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