Please help - problem with boot

david nux at
Tue Jul 5 05:23:19 UTC 2005

>         Then I bought a SPARKLE GeFORCE FX5500/350 MHz RAMDAC 128 MB
>         DDR video card and
>         the problem began. The system is freezing during boot.
>         I erased Suse Linux 9.1 Pro and put Mandriva 10.1 instead but
>         the same problem 
>         occurred. I even try with KNOPPIX 3.7 PRO. When I choose to
>         boot with kernel 2.6
>         freeze but when I boot with kernel 2.4 the system boots well,
>         but video card is
>         not recognized (manufacturer NVIDIA type unknown … ). 

Ah yes. I have a bogus nvidia card. I thought it was cheap when I saw it
in the shops. Ha!
SuSe 9.x cannot cope with this card at all, it neither identifies it
correctly nor assigns the correct driver. It switches the desktop into 4
colour 320x4something resolution and falls over everytime one tries to
sort it out.
Mandrake 10.x also struggles horribly with this card.
As does Fedora and so on and so on.

Ubuntu on the other hand drives it perfectly, identifies it, assigns the
correct driver (2d nv driver) and it works with the nvidia-glx driver



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