Kindly remove me from mailing list

Shawn Christopher schristopheraz at
Mon Jul 4 18:38:14 UTC 2005

I know you could probably care less since there are 10000's just like
me. However it's this kinda help that is making me leave. Ubuntu for
the most part you guys have been great however now your attracting
more and more experienced users which then in effect treat newbies
like this.

Between the attitude that I'm starting to notice more and more on this
list and in the IRC channel and bickering on the mail list and some
work related things where I have to use Windows I'm saying the hell
with it and going back to Windows.

I'll still run Ubuntu on my Mac however I really hope the sudden
influx of experience users doesn't turn Ubuntu into a RTFM distro.
Once again this isn't directed to everyone or the distro...just the
certain people who behave like this.


On 7/4/05, Dripple <dripple2 at> wrote:
> Well, kindly remove yourself from the mailing list, the way you
> subscribed to it...
> follow the links...
> Mike Shelley a écrit :
> > Kindly remove me from mailing list
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