Adult content (at-ubuntu-001)

poptones ulist at
Mon Jul 4 04:11:40 UTC 2005

-Adult content has everything to do with Ubuntu.-

No, it doesn't. No more than it has to do with Mitsubishi, Hitachi,
Intel, Sanyo or Sony. In fact it has much less, as Sony also owns a
"content division" and ubuntu has nothing at all to do with the
production of content beyond the scope of what's on the desktop. Note
"desktop" does not mean "all the stuff I can access with it" any more
than it means "all the stuff I can access with my TV set."

Filters are available and entirely up to you to configure. If you
cannot do this yourself and you value your children so much, go with an
ISP that offers this as a service - there's at least two in my area and
I live in the proverbial middle of nowhere. If none are available in
your area then contact them and ask them to offer the service - or do
it yourself and go into business, you will likely make good money at


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