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Matthew east matthew.east.ubuntu at
Mon Jul 4 01:05:52 UTC 2005

Hello all,

As reported by the recent Documentation Team meeting summary at , the Ubuntu
Documentation Team is setting up a group of its members who will spend
some time on tidying up the structure and organisation of the wiki. The
team will *_not_* edit content inserted by users, but will work simply
to attempt to improve the organisation of the wiki, which at the present
time is disorganised.

At first the team will work on the Documentation Team pages, and various
other projects that have arisen as a result of the wiki transition, but
all should feel free to make suggestions on the Documentation Team list
(ubuntu-doc at as to improvements that can be made on the

Users of the wiki are also reminded that the section contains a number of pages in which to file
feature requests and report bugs. Discussion of those issues should be
done on the relevant /talk pages as indicated on each page.

many thanks!

Matthew East
matthew.east at
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