AMD64: advice, please

Thomas Kaiser thomas at
Sun Jul 3 16:29:11 UTC 2005

Hello Reinhard

> Im sitting in front of a computer ASUS A8N-SLI Mainboard (non deluxe)
> with Athon64 3000+ processor with a Gainward NV6600GT graphics card,
> and I'm very happy with that combination (besides the closed sourced
> nvidia binary uglyness and the common twinview problems you cannot
> avoid with these drivers).
I plan to use it with 2 TFT monitors. So, whats about this "twinview 

As far as I know, the deluxe model has just a better cooling => more 
quied :-).

How much RAM did you got? I plan to use 2GB (2x 1GB). Is 1GB  (2x 512MB) 

Thanks, Thomas

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