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Manish Chakravarty manishchakravarty at
Sun Jul 3 13:51:00 UTC 2005

Hi all, 
I admit that this is a highly controversial topic that i am speaking on,
but as a teenager, (well not quite, i am 21) these are my views:

> > Personally I'd rather never laugh again then see my child go through the
> > shock I went thought when I first came across those sites. Whether you
> > are against or pro, it damages the soul.
This depends upon person to person, Eric. In India, for example it is
considered OK to see porn if you are watching it with people of
sufficiently age.

> > And if Daddy is watching porn, so will the son. So all this talk about
> > protecting kids is futile if you're not willing to protect yourself.
Daddy can watch whatever he likes. Daddy can also decide what he wants
his son to watch.
But i dont think that if you dont allow your son/daughter to see porn on
your pc, he/she will not get exposed to it somewhere else.
Porn will always be there. It is how you bring up your children that
will decide their attitude towards it .. and not some piece of software.
> > 
> > P.S. I'll never forget when a senior in my school library was looking at
> > hardcore porn and all the little elementary kids could see all that he
> > was looking at. Everytime the libarian came by he minimized it. Then up
> > again. All these kids seeing everything, in the "safest" place. It's
> > sick.
These kinds of incidents happen all the time, even at my college. 
> I'm really sorry to hear you have a destructive attitude towards erotic 
> content.  There are many sex positive erotic sites out there and it's 
> perfectly appropriate for Mommy or Daddy to visit them.
As i told you earlier, opinion on this kind of stuff varies from person to person.
However something like paedophile sites should ALWAYS be banned.
> But everything is appropriate when viewed in appropriate place or way. 
> Just as it would be inappropriate for parents to share intimate details 
> of their life with their children, the same is true with allowing 
> children access to arrive at content.
I second that.
> Therefore, it would be appropriate for ubuntu to supply a filter which 
> can differentiate between adult access and child's access.  This could 
> be something as simple as a user associated proxy that reveals the 
> identity of the requester to a systemwide filter or something more 
> complex requiring additional authentication steps.
Ubuntu can supply filters for something the community UNANIMOUSLY votes against, like paedophilia, terrorist propoganda sites, etc.

> but never ever forget the need to teach children as they make the 
> transition to adulthood how to differentiate about what's appropriate 
> behavior and what is not.

I would like to add that "appropriate behaviour" also  differs from
counrty to country and society to society.
In some societies i have seen father having beer with his teenage son,
in India that is impossible (again just an example)


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