How to assign a specific /dev device to a specific external device?

zer0halo zerohalo at
Sat Jul 2 21:09:21 UTC 2005

Thanks, Dennis. I didn't know that hotplug would use the partition
labels. Very nice.

None of my devices had labels, and I was able to label my ext3
partition (on my USB HDD) using e2label. However, I can't find any way
to label my FAT partition on my USB HDD and thumbdrive. Supposedly
mlabel works, but the syntax seems to require a drive letter, which
don't even exist under linux? Any idea how to do label a fat
partition? Thanks.

On 7/2/05, Dennis Kaarsemaker <dennis at> wrote:
> On za, 2005-07-02 at 12:18 -0600, zer0halo wrote:
> > For example, when I plug in my thumbdrive, sometimes it's assigned to
> > /dev/sda1, but other times it might be assigned /dev/sda2 or
> > /dev/sdb1. So it's not possible to put an entry in my /etc/fstab that
> > always mount a particular device to the same mount point because I
> > don't know what /dev that device might get assigned when it gets
> > plugged in.
> Hotplug in hoary should take care of this and should mount any removable
> drive under /media/$LABEL where $LABEL is the label that the drive has.
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