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Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Fri Jul 1 17:46:33 UTC 2005

> Both are very, very wrong.
> 1) I use mutt on my laptop. It is the best -- though perhaps
> not the easiest-to-use -- email client that I've ever used.
> 2) I download all my email from a remote server to my
> laptop using fetchmail.
> 3) I can leave my mail on that server or delete it off
> there. This is all defined in ~/.fetchmailrc.
> 4) Fetchmail works over all variants of POP, IMAP, SSL, and
> ssh -- I download my mail using IMAP over SSH.

I for one am in the idiot section of the book when it comes SSL, IMAP,
mutt and fetchmail (but then again I bailed on pine as soon as I could
way back when) and most of the linux world in general.  My laptop is
still waiting for me to pick it up in where ever they come from.  If
someone is overwhelmed by a mailing list it seems gmail is a good
option for a newbie to quickly get a handle on the volume.  Digest is
great if you do not mind the lag factor.  The learning curve on Ubuntu
is steeper than an "old hand" might imagine.  Anywho,  I am down to 49
invites and I have learned some things about how to manage email.

Have a nice one!!

Outer Bubbaistan

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