Evolution and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

russell cook bike_oz at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jul 1 14:19:40 UTC 2005

Aki Tuomi wrote:

>On Fri, Jul 01, 2005 at 07:54:17PM +1000, russell cook wrote:
>>Aki Tuomi wrote:
>>>Has anyone gotten Calendar and Contacts working with it? If yes, then do
>>>please explain how. I have severe problems in getting either one to
>>>Aki Tuomi
>>Calendar and Contacts just worked for me once I had Evolution talking to 
>>My account Server type setting is Exchange. My OWA URL setting in the 
>>configuration setting is: https://mail.mcws.usyd.edu.au/exchange from 
>>this Calendar just works (well when Evolution doesn't crash :-()
>Ok. Now it works except that GAL won't work. What setting should I use
>for Global Address List / AD server?
>Aki Tuomi
Hi Aki,
here's my settings for the GAL:
Gal catalog name: letts.mcws.usyd.edu.au (i.e. the fully qualified DNS 
name of the exchange server that has the GAL)
I also limit the number of responses to a small number (9 for me) as 
I've found a large number  i.e. >50 makes evolution VERY slow 
searching/syncing the GAL. It does mean some of my searches need to be 
refined to be useful :-)

Hope this helps

Kind Regards Russell
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