Auto mounting USB device works (sometimes)

Larry Grover lgrover at
Fri Jul 1 12:38:27 UTC 2005

Tony wrote:
> I have recently been using my (USB) iPod shuffle to load podcasts.
> I have noticed that when my machine has recently been booted, it will
> auto mount my iPod shuffle to /media/iPod OK.  However, when I try
> later, like the next day it will not mount the iPod.  If I reboot the
> machine will do fine again until it has been on for some time like
> overnight.
> Has anyone else experienced this with a USB iPod shuffle or other USB device?

Yes, I've experienced the same thing with my iPod shuffle.  You might 
want to add your experiences to this bug report:

As I understand, there are at least three problems:

(1) Gnome-volume-manager crashes.  Without gnome-volument-manager the 
automounting and desktop icon creation fails.  This happens frequently 
on my laptop (an older iBook), but rarely on any of my desktops. 
Simply restarting gnome-volume-manager will fix this (type the alt-f2 
key combination, then enter gnome-volume manager in the "Run Program" 
window which opens).

(2) Nothing crashes, the usb device gets auto-mounted correctly, but a 
desktop icon is not created.  This happens all the time on my laptop, 
but almost never on my desktop.  There is a separate bug report on this:
According to the bug report, there is a fix for this problem. 
Hopefully, the fix makes in into the next release (breezy).

(3) Nothing crashes, but the usb device never auto-mounts.  Fixing 
this requires more information, see:
The debugging procedure to get this information is documented in the 
bug report -- perhaps you could help to get the information which 
might resolve this bug?  I have been trying, but haven't been able to 
make this bug surface when I am running the debugging procedure (this 
last problem occurs very infrequently, at least on my systems).


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