Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski opi at cyb3r.org
Tue Jan 25 20:10:09 UTC 2005

Vincent Trouilliez wrote:

> Do you mean that "newsgroups" allow you to cancel postings ?

  Sure they do.

> I don't
> know what newsgroups are, never used one, do'nt know how it works.

  Hum, back in days, newsgroups was The Source Of Information. 
Newsgroups are hosted by servers, some are connected in something that 
is similar to ftp mirrors. Once you posted something, all server 
carrying same group will have it. Sooner or later.

  Groups are in hierarchy. It looks like that:

  pl. <- root of Polish hierarchy
  pl.comp <- computer related stuff
  pl.comp.os.linux <- a newsgroup about Linux
  pl.hum.poezja <- about poetry

  About funcionality: if you know how forum looks alike, it's mostly the 
same. Once you're in your fav. newsgroup you can post a msg. in a 
thread, start a thread. You may or may not post binary files.

  I guess there's a reason why I keep away from forums. I've used to 
usenet (aka newsgroups). You could find detailed posts about things, 
writen in fine language, smart and funny. Some threads in Usnet has 
history of thier own. Like Linux kernel vs. microkernel. ;-)

  Worst part of the Internet: spam, trolls, FUD and flamewars has also 
roots in newsgroups. I guess you can Google out more. Start from 

  Gosh, I'm only 25 and already telling tales like a grandfather in a 
rocking chair. :-)

  PS. sorry, I know this thread is OT, but I just have to ansfer. :-) 
Sorry for my lousy English, I never managed to get a grip on it.

  Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski
  http://opi.pegasos.pl http://ubuntulinux.org

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