Need help to get CD-RW burning to work

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at
Fri Jan 21 01:04:26 UTC 2005

> Ok. Here is the honest truth. Gnome's CD burning capabilties suck. It
> is the one area where Gnome is REALLY behind. The best way to fix you
> problem it to use KDE's burning program- K3B. To get it first you have
> to enable the universe, this guide will tell you how:

I knew how to do it, I knew how to do it! :-) I'm a small step above a
complete newbie (but that step really is a small one).

> then use synaptic to install K3B. Or apt get (in commandline: sudo
> apt-get install k3b after sudo apt-get update)

I did it in Synaptic - GUI rules! 

> Then run K3B by adding a "custom application launcher" to Gnome's top
> panel. In the "command:" space put "gksudo k3b." Then when you click
> that icon, KDE will start. Its probably the best CD burning app in the
> world.

Thanks for this last piece of advice - you thought of everything :-)

> Good luck!

Thanks! I succeeded in getting k3b to work and even managed to get
things burned. One problem though - the ownership of the files I burned
was changed to root. Is it possible to avoid this somehow, because my
brother has never in his life touched the command line and when he was
considering switching from Windows I promised that with Ubuntu he
wouldn't have to.

In the long run I would like to have a native Gnome burner, because k3b
looks like an alien in Gnome environment. People have been talking about
Graveman and Coaster. I wonder if there's a way of installing them
without doing any compiling or other exotic things and without messing
the system with broken dependencies (or other messy things)?

Thank's again for helping me with this problem. I got the files backed
up in the last minute before I had to leave :-)


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