directory structure and installation location

Robert Parker bposs at
Thu Jan 13 03:05:16 UTC 2005

On Thursday 13 January 2005 08:22, ChrisM wrote:
> I have recently installed Ubuntu and want to install new applications of
> the '.bin' nature. I have got the hang of extracting the .bin and
> chmod-ding it to be executable and understand that the .bin has to be
> executed from the app's new directory. But which is the'right' directory
> for them to be started from? /usr/?, /opt/? /home/chris? A read of the
> FHS site helped a bit but still am not sure.
> Is there a good rule of thumb for doing this?

Depends where the .bin originates.
A lot of 3rd party software that you can compile with the 3 step
./configure && make && make install
will end up in /opt/<makers name>/bin/
You should then symlink it from /opt/bin because /opt/bin will be or should 
be in your $PATH
Note that a symlink is better than a hard link because that way you only need 
to set permissions on the .bin in one place.

Gnu software is an exception to this, it will be placed in /usr/local/bin

Any script or program that I right myself, I install in /usr/local/bin if I 
want it world executable.

> Also: ...What Gnome-based filemanager is well regarded and will display
> two panes, W. Explorer style?  Will the default do it?

Sorry, can't help with this.

Bob Parker

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