3d desktop

Yamakazi ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Wed Feb 16 11:01:07 UTC 2005

I tried it and i got it working.  Here is what i did.

- Apt getted nvidia-glx
- Run the command:  sudo nvidia-glx-config enable
- Then reboot.  You'll see the Nvidia splash screen right before the
Ubuntu logon pops-up
-  Now start the 3ddesktop server.  It's called 3ddeskd
I ran it like this   ./3ddeskd --aquire=1000 --gnome2
-  Then run the command ./3ddesk

Every time you run the command 3ddesk you will go into 3d mode.
If you want you can bind a key to this command.

Oh yeah, it's normal that only one desktop has a screenshot when you
start.  The app can only take a screenshot of the current desktop.  So
you have to have visit every desktop once before you have all squares
in 3d view filled.

Happy desktop switching   \\:D/


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