Newest Hoary Synaptic - Repo Handling

Michael Vogt michael.vogt at
Thu Feb 3 09:38:19 UTC 2005

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 02:59:21AM -0600, Kent Frazier wrote:
> So I just updated to Synaptic 0.56 in Hoary, and I have to say that I
> am not too fond of the new Repostories dialog.  I understand what it
> is going for, and I appreciate it's simplicity, but it also removes a
> lot of the functionality that was there before.  For instance, I like
> to keep some repositories around such as the Debian-Marillat repo.  I
> usually leave these commented out, and then just activate them when I
> need them.  Before, I could just check the box next to an entry in the
> dialong and it would activate and deactivate it.  Now, I see to have
> to add and remove these repos when I want to use them, which is a huge
> hassle. 

Thanks for your feedback. I'll see how a "show disabled source too"
option may fit into the GUI. 

> The new layout is nice if these issues are addressed, but
> there is such a thing as too much simplification.  Are these upstream
> changes or Ubuntu specific ones?

If you don't like the dialog you can use the configuration option: 
in /root/.synaptic/synaptic.conf 

or set it via "Settings/Set internal Option":
 Variable = Synaptic::dontUseGnomeSoftwareProperties
 Value = 1

Have fun!

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