LaptopTestingTeam notes and updates

Alvin Thompson alvin-ubuntu at
Wed Aug 24 17:42:00 UTC 2005

i'm not on the laptop team, but i put in lots of this type of feedback 
on the Ubuntu Device Database program. will that feedback make it where 
it needs to go, or should i send it somewhere else as well?


Corey Burger wrote:
> Hey all,
> Thanks for the excellent response to the team. We currently have ~40
> community supplied machines on the list.
> Just some notes about various things:
> 1. We are testing Out of the Box support. This means that if it
> doesn't Just Work and needs to hack, it should be marked as No and the
> hack documented.
> 2. We are also testing fresh installs.
> 3. I missed some things from the template. If you could add the following:
> Lid Close (under Power Management)
> Card Readers (under extra hardware)
> cpu frequency scaling
> parallel ports
> Installation works
> ...
> 4. Please change the following things:
> Dim/Blank monitor --> Dim monitor on battery power and Blank monitor
> on inactivity
> 5. For reporting good hotkey bugs, see WIKIPAGENEEDED
> 6. If you list a contact on LaptopTestingTeam, make sure it links to a
> wiki page for your name with some useful contact info
> 7. When adding a bug #, link it like this (replacing the bug # for yours)
> [ #14084]
> Thanks,
> Corey

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