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Thanks Jonathon,
Tried scanning the slackware site without much success it's not easy to search!
I think this is possibly the software that I have been trying (RIP) but it links to SBM which is also downloadable separately.
However SBM doesn't find all CD-ROMs and can't find mine probably because my 486 has an upgrade and to 586 and a BIOS change.
The writer of SB mentions that some BIOS's do not detect all CD drives and this program certainly doesn't find mine, and yes I did manually plug in the CD port addresses 1F0,3F6 and do the rescan of Boots.  IT finds the floppy and all the Harddisk partitions but can't identify my CD drive.
p.s.  RIP stands for Rescue is Possible

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I cannot remember the name of the product and hope someone here may
enlighten us both
I do remember using an image to make a boot floppy, the image came
from an old Slackware CD I was using and boot disk picked up on
partitions from a HD and CDROMS etc and allowed you to select which
one to boot from.
This should work for you, now, can anyone remember the name???
Slackware 8 or 9 I believe

On 8/8/05, Michael Shergold <michaelshergold at> wrote:
> I have a box with one of the motherboards and BIOS's (old 486 mini tower PC) where the SmartBootManager apparently cannot detect the CD drive though the drive works perfectly from MS DOS and WINDOWS. The machine is also connected to a LAN and hence the INTERNET or other local processor(one with Ubuntu running).
> I can't be the only person like this who therefore cannot boot the UBUNTU CD.
> Has anyone managed a hardware/software tweek to allow loading UBUNTU from either the CD or ethernet.  Or produced a floppy that forces a boot from CD0.  Or is there a H/W tweek like making the CD temporarily the primary IDE device that would work?
> I can load the RIP floppy to get GRUB loaded but I suspect I need 38x machine code tools to poke the bytes required to change the load device to CD.
> Any suggestions please
> Michael
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