How Ubuntu installer auto setups XF86Config-4?

Mark C lists at
Thu Sep 30 22:45:36 UTC 2004


This may sound like a really strange question, but my dad runs a 
completely modified Unstable box and has purchased a second hand monitor,
as he doesn't have Internet connection, I cannot directly install any 
Debian based distro, so I generally install it at home to a spare dive 
and using either discover & hotplug for auto detection of devices, and 
chroot to configure his apps and desktop and tarball it up, then run a 
live cd and partition his hard drive and untar the newly configured 
system and just reboot, and let hotplug and discover take care of the 
devices (this has worked great so far on his and several over machines, 
all running different configurations).

phew! :)

I've done the same for Ubuntu, but I would like to autodetect and auto 
configure X for him (like the installer does), it seems to installer 
does this after the first reboot, but I havn't worked out what script or 
programs are responsable for this.

Could anyone advise me on how this is done?

apart from running dpkg-reconfigure x86-xserver



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