Install 1 good install 2 freeze

Brian McKie bpmckie at
Thu Sep 30 00:37:50 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I have installed Ubuntu on two systems so far. My desktop install went 
without a hitch. My Laptop has been a nightmare, I have burned about 4 
discs to get one to install. I usually ended up with a failure while 
installing packages, something about running out of disc space even 
though it was 12 gigs. Anyway I saw the post about the new image to fix 
parted and installed that. Install went fine to my surprise, however 
after install when I went to log in it froze on the Ubuntu splash 
screen. I have read through the lists and saw some people were having 
gnome freeze's. I killed bonobo-activation and waited for gnome to start 
but it did not. Does anybody have any idea why the freeze? and how come 
not on the desk top?

Thanks, Brian

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