installing on PPC -> partitions

Justin Kelly linuxppc at
Thu Sep 30 22:57:28 UTC 2004

hi enrike

on PPC there is no partition magic kind of thing thats free(or to my
knowledge anyway)

to install ubuntu your going to have to back up all your data on the powerbook, 
then the easiest way to partition is to use the OS9 restore CD and use
the Disk Setup tool thing and create 2-3 partition depending if you
want linux+os9+osx or just linux+osx, make the mac partition(s) HFS
extended and make the last partition linux format(as per the tool
setup), then reintstall your mac os(es) on there correct partition(s)
and then install ubuntu on the last partition

have fun


On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 23:10:36 +0200, altern <enrike at> wrote:
> hi
> i am trying to install Ubuntu on a powerbook 12". When it come to
> creating the partitions i am not sure about what to do. I have no free
> space outside my mac drive. Same is true for an external HD i have. I am
> not sure how to resize the partitions to allow Ubuntu to install there.
> Before i had SuSE + XP on the same computer and SuSE creates by default
> a partition on the empty area of the windows. Very easy to install this way.
> Any suggestions? i am affraid i will loose the info on my hardrives as i
> dont know details about partitions, before I always used Partition Magin
> on XP.
> thanks
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> enrike
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