Services & Auto-Updating

Stephen Durham smd271 at
Thu Sep 30 21:26:29 UTC 2004

The services running for each runlevel are located in the respective
folders, /etc/rcX.d/ with X meaning the runlevel. There might be an
easier way to do this but I am not sure, I just go in to rc5.d/ (5 is
the default runlevel for ubuntu, multiuser with X) and get rid of what I
know I don't need or want by using this command "update-rc.d -f whatever
remove" you can also add them back by issuing "update-rc.d whatever
defaults"  Now when you do this they will still be running unless you
either stop them via /etc/init.d/ or reboot.  Also use the name
from /etc/init.d/ and not the name with the S or K in front of it
located in the /etc/rcX.d/ directory.  S means start and K means kill so
something like S20gdm would mean that gdm starts but K20gdm would mean
it stops. I hope this helps, I tried to explain this the best I could
but I am not exactly an expert or anything, maybe someone will point out
a simpler solution.

On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 16:03 -0500, Epps, Aaron M. wrote:
> Two questions...
>      1. How do I view/edit what services are running for each
>         runlevel?
>      2. Is there a way to have apt automatically run "apt-get update"
>         && "apt-get upgrade" nightly?

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