Call for testers: Windows boot problems after installing Ubuntu

Stephen Durham smd271 at
Thu Sep 30 17:49:39 UTC 2004

Dual booting works fine here:
Opteron 244 (dual CPU mobo, but only one CPU - ran out of money) 
MSI K8T Master motherboard - VIA K8T800 Chipset (I think)
1GB Ram
120GB Samsung SATA
	30GB Windows XP 64bit preview (boots fine)
	250mb Boot ext3
	20GB Ubuntu root ext3
	1GB swap
	45GB /home ext3
	~22GB smb share of media audio/video ext3
40GB ATA (not always connected - loud!!)
	25GB Arch Linux (boots fine)
	15GB backup
I tried the 64bit version of Ubuntu, the dual-boot did not setup
properly, but I switched to the 32bit due to various issues with
numerous programs.

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