Subject line?

Thomas Beckett Thomas.Beckett at
Thu Sep 30 14:51:36 UTC 2004

I think it is being suggested because of GMail.

As a Gmail user myself the inbox gets full very quickly. 
Gmail does not use the idea of floders and instead is trialing the use
of lebels. This is just as easy a way to distinguish messages, but
they are all nevertheless held in the one inbox which make things very
messy. The idea is that you use googles searches to search your mail
for what you are looking for, but the whole system is not very nice
for people who just want to browse their mail.

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 08:43:28 -0500, Martin Maney <ubuntu at> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 29, 2004 at 08:53:13PM -0000, jeremy at wrote:
> > Does anyone else think that an [ubuntu] in the subject line would be cool?
> No.  There are already multiple header lines that unambiguously
> identify the mailing list traffic.  Please don't misuse the subject
> line for this purpose.
> Why is this notion cropping up on so many mailing lists in the last
> month or two?  Is there some new (version of?) popular email tool that
> doesn't deal with multiple folders into which mail is sorted on
> delivery?
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