Playback of encrypted dvd's on amd64

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Thu Sep 30 13:03:51 UTC 2004

Le jeudi 30 septembre 2004 à 12:35 +0100, Sean Gibbins a écrit :
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> Subject: Playback of encrypted dvd's on amd64
> Date: 29/09/04 21:30
> > Totem displays the copyright notices just fine, but when it comes to the
> actual dvd-menu it stops
> > saying that it can't read any more and asking wether I'm trying to play an
> encrypted dvd without
> > libdvdcss (as one can expect xine displays the same behaviour).
> There is a script that you need to run (delivered with xine when it is
> installed) that will pull in the required libraries to overcome this. I
> forget where it is (someone will no doubt tell you), but 'find /usr -name
> *css*' should turn it up. IIRC it was within /usr/share/.../...

This script is in /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/ (installed by
libdvdread3 paquage).
You need libdvdcss2 (CSS is the encryption used by DVD on the market).
You can get with this script, or use debian Marillat repository
( unstable main).


> I believe it is not distributed with the distro for legal reasons.
> Sean
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